Day 14 – Moab to Sandy

Day 13 – Moab to Sandy

I woke up to bright sunny skies and temps in the 70’s but I knew I was in for a dramatic weather change, so I got out of town early.  Thankfully the winds had died down somewhat so the trip north was better.  And then it happened for the second time – the Interstate!  I had no choice but to head 33 miles west on I-70 – yuk!!  The wind and the trucks (and the 75mph speed limit) made it eventful but I survived and got to Hwy 6 for the trip north to Sandy, Utah.

As the temperature got colder and the clouds more threatening I decided I’d forgo the side roads and take the Interstate again.  I wasn’t doing directly to my hotel but rather was meeting up with the owner of Pat Walsh Designs, a company that makes and sells parts for my bike.  The windscreen on my bike is too low for me and the air coming off the top of it hits me right in my helmet and causes some almighty buffeting that blurred my vision and made riding at higher speeds quite tiring.  I’d been emailing Gary for a while about getting an adjustable bracket and taller screen and I decided since I was in the neighborhood I’d buy them.  Turns out he runs the business from his home and he was gracious enough to invite me over and install and adjust the parts on my bike.  (After a few days of riding with the new screen and adjusting it slightly it’s made a huge difference.  I rode at 80 for a while today and my head wasn’t affected by the wind and I could even ride with my face shield open, something I couldn’t do before.)

(I asked Gary who Pat Walsh is, and he asked back, “Do know who the Dread Pirate Roberts is?”  Then commenced a long story but if you know about Roberts you’ll get the general idea.)  (And if not, you need to watch “The Princess Bride”.)

While at Gary’s house it began to rain lightly, so I bid him farewell and made it to the Hilton Garden Inn, my home for the next 4 days.  After staying in low budget, dive motels, this place is the lap of luxury.  Which is a good thing because this is what it looked like from the parking lot:

It was snowing in the hills just outside of town. Yea, snowing!

The weather said it was 52 degrees when I got into town and got into the 30’s that night.

Tomorrow the race track and World Superbike racing.

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