Catching Up

Day 10 route – Santa Fe to Taos

I’ve got some catching up to do, so once again I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Back up into the hills, with some clouds on the horizon this time. In the far distance is eastern New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

An interesting memorial in Truchas, NM.

At Sipapu ski area, they had over a dozen hummingbird feeders set up and the air was alive with all the birds. They make a great buzzing sound when they fly, you can't miss them.

The roads here are great!

BTW, I passed 6 ski areas on this loop, that gives you some idea of the elevation and the amount of snow they get here.  I also went through the town of Red River, the town that toppled Bellingham from the #1 spot on Outdoor magazines best city list.  It’s cool and all, kinda like Leavenworth without the kitsch, but it’s no Bellingham.  Guess they felt the had to award some other city so they don’t look biased!

The entrance to Coyote Creek State Park

They had a snowy spring up here and there were lots of these temporary alpine lakes, and the streams were roaring. Nice to see it so green and lush. This was about 8500 feet.

The tall one is Wheeler Peak, NM's highest point at 13,161 feet

My highest point, Bobcat Pass at 9820 feet.

Looking west across central New Mexico. That's the Rio Grande gorge in the foreground.

It was at this point I visited the Taos Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America.  People have been living here in the same pueblos for over 1,000 years.  I didn’t pay the extra fee to take pictures but did spend some time talking to a few inhabitants, who have shops set up in some of the rooms.  It was very cool to see how the rooms are laid out and to get some very small sense of what it was like to live there.  Very civilized, if you ask me.

After that it was into Taos and the Adobe Wall Motel.  The motel gets good reviews but the owner gets bad ones.  I can see why, it seems like us customers keep disturbing her from more important things – customer service on a Godzilla level.  The rooms, however, are quite funky:

Yep, that's a purple fireplace. In the winter you get Presto logs to burn. Considering Taos set a record low temp of 27 the first night I was there, perhaps I should have asked for some.

I got to spend a bit of time in Taos, it’s a pretty cool town.  It’s much smaller than Santa Fe, has way fewer galleries and artists, has some excellent restaurants, and was Kit Carson’s home for 25 years.  It’s very laid back and has a hip feel to it where Santa Fe seemed more tourist oriented and had a big town feel.

Day 11 is next – riding naked.

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