In Taos – with no wifi

I think I found the only motel in town with no wi-fi, so I’m sitting in a coffee shop (drinking pinon coffee – very nice) trying to get something down before another long ride out to the Navajo Reservation.

Santa Fe was great, there is so much to see and do it would take a week non-stop to take it in.  Sunday I went to 4 museums, a historical site, visited numerous galleries, and ate some great food.  After that I was totally overloaded and went back to my motel for a long nap.  Here are some misc. photos, I’ll try to write more when I get the time.

The Silver Saddle Motel - a great place with great owners

One of many old (300+ years) churches in Santa Fe

Another old church

A modern church - 19th century

A 20' tall sculpture in front of the Musuem of Native American Arts

Feature from a 300 year old doors (these aren't behind glass, the whole building is just sitting outside)

The plaza in downtown Santa Fe. Food, arts, music, and tons of people all day long.

After 3 days in Santa Fe, it was time to head to Taos, of course taking the long route.  The road was once again amazing, ranging from 4-lane highway to a single lane wide ribbon of asphalt that wound between tree (and this was a state highway!)  I hit my highest point so far (Bobcat Pass, 9840 feet, and yes, I have the photo), passed 4 ski areas, looked out over the central plains then a few hours later looked out over the central basin (meaning I rode up the east side of the Rockies and down the west side), and so on.  And yes, the wind was the worst of the trip.  I one point I stopped in the protection of a road cut just to get my breath back and stop shaking.  When you’re riding down the center line of the road one second and on the shoulder the next, it’s time to stop!

The good news is the front has finally passed New Mexico (Taos set a new record low temp last night of 27) so the next several days are supposed to be calm.  Today I’m heading west on Hwy. 64 to Tierra Amarillo (Yellow Land – you just learned a little more Spanish!) then south on 550 to Espanola, and back to Taos.

Gotta go, the temp is rising!

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One Response to In Taos – with no wifi

  1. Jeanne Visminas says:

    WOW Tom, it has been a while since we have heard from you! The wind is no joke…our gas bar-b-que took its third fly over the backyard in 65 MPH winds. It has been the windiest “spring” we have had since we moved to AZ! I was worried about you in the mountains, as that wind can be frightening. Glad that you are back at it and still in one piece. Thank you for all the great pictures that you have been sending us in your blogs. There is a lot of history in NM…of many cultures. Heard today that Salt Lake City had snow yesterday. Beware of more bad weather as you make your trek this weekend. Keep us all posted on your excursions! Jeanne

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