Visions of Albuquerque

I spent a day and a half in ABQ and only touched the surface of things but have a few observations:

It’s a big city.  Like really spread out and growing in most directions.

The area along the Rio Grande and the older parts of the city are very nice, lots of trees and greenery.  Old Town is very cool, lots of little shops and plazas along narrow streets, music, people selling everything you can imagine.  It’s kinda touristy, especially when it’s full of tourists!  I keep running into bus loads of Germans, maybe the same ones each time, like they’re following me!

Nob Hill, up by the university, is also nice.  Lots of older homes, many Victorians, lots of old trees, and a heavy university influence.

Downtown is very modern, wide streets and beautiful buildings.

That said, there are also some very bad parts of town, run down, abandoned buildings and lots, heavy police presence.  I rode through places where I didn’t want my bike to break down.

The ‘burbs are like most every where else, new developments plopped into the scrubland, cookie cutter adobe/pueblo style houses, and shopping centers galore.  While I like the SW colors and styles, it gets to be too much after so many miles of it.

All in all, a nice place to visit (and I would like to go back and spend more time) but I wouldn’t want to live there.

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