Albuquerque, pt. II

Here are a couple of pictures of Old Town, one looking down a typical street with little shops on either side and a little plaza with shops:

Typical Old Town street

Poco a poco (little by little)

I also saw a number of these signs on the streets, what’s up with 18 MPH?

On my way to the Natural History Museum I passed the Art Museum and they had a great sculpture garden in the front.  I like this one and you can see some of the others in the background.

"The Offering"

The showing at the Art Museum, “Turner to Cezanne” sounded interesting but my time was short.  The Natural History Museum was great, focusing mostly on dinosaurs.  I’d guess there were a dozen fossil skeletons from T. Rex to tiny bird-like dinosaurs, and including a sauropod that measures 120 feet from nose to tip of tail!  There were also lots of exhibits on early inhabitants up to the conquistadors.  A lot has happened in the patch of ground over the last several millenia.

Staying at the same motel as me was a group of riders from St. Pierre et Miquelon.  When France ceded all their New World lands to Britian they kept these two tiny islands off the coast of Labrador and Newfoundland for the fishing rights.  Well, France still owns them so the inhabitants are French citizens, vote in French elections, and use the euro for money.  Amazing!  During Prohibition they were one of the largest sources for alcohol on the east coast and is where Al Capone got his booze!  You can read about the islands here and follow the rider’s trip across the US and back across Canada here (in French).

The SPM riders

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One Response to Albuquerque, pt. II

  1. Grover Emrich says:

    Dear Tom:
    I am enjoying your travel log and your Emrich humor. Nothing wring with it. The rest of the world is out of step. We were in Wash. D.C. last week for John’s “hooding” for his Ph.D. He also has a job – paying. Sounds as thought your trip is going well except for the wind. Keep having a great time. The country has so much to see.


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