I loves the Gee Pee Ess!!

This trip is my first opportunity to use a GPS and I’m digging it.  It’s amazing how much info is there, even rest areas and private locations.  It even shows the current speed limit and that’s accurate at least 75% of the time.  I’ll pass a speed change sign and the GPS will change within a couple of seconds.  How do they do that??

Mine is a Garmin Nuvi 255w with voice (muted) and the ability to store and play mp3 audio, but no bluetooth.  That seemed excessive.  The roads are so detailed I can use it to see around corners, although I don’t depend on it – I ain’t that crazy.

I used it last night to find a BBQ restaurant – I entered Points of Interest, Restaurants, BBQ, and it listed all within a 20 mile radius!  After checking with the phone book I chose one, pressed the go button for that one and it took me straight there.  If I’d pressed the the Go Back button it would have reversed the directions and taken me back to the motel.  I used it again today to find an auto parts store to buy some oil.

I’m also using it as a speedometer, which is telling me the bike’s speedo is about 10% optimistic.  It’s come in handy several times when I’ve run into police on the road.

I can see that I’ll be using this a lot on the trip, and when I get back.  No more getting lost in cities!

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