What a clustershag! (apologies to Jon Stewart)

The good news – I got the bike.  The bad news – it took 6.5 hours with lots of waiting and I still have to go back tomorrow morning to get the 2nd saddlebag installed.

The bike at Logan’s shop with 2 of the 3 bags mounted.  And the bullet hole decals removed.

Long story short, I got to the shop about 9:00 after an hour long drive with my uncle, and they were just beginning to put the bags on the bike (even though he’s known for a week I would be there this morning).  There were problems, some parts had to be removed, and they found out one of the bag mounting brackets was missing.  Once all this and some other stuff was done, we had to wait 2 hours for my credit union to wire the money to his credit union, so I didn’t get out until 3:30.  The GPS mount never got finished so I had to carry it in my map case and I basically had to stop, pull it out, and read it.  Oh, and it’s f***ing hot down here!!  Everyone keeps telling me “This isn’t hot, just wait until August”.  Yeah, right – the asphalt’s melting, it’s f***ing hot!

The better news is my first excellent meal at the Blue Adobe Cafe, I had the fish enchilada special, it was very good but the rice and beans were excellent.  I can’t wait to dive into lots more SW food.

And the best news is the bike rocks!  It took a few minutes to get used to the fairing and its height, but after that it was great.  I came back to my uncle’s via a 2 lane road in the desert and I was cruising at 70 easily, even with some strong side winds.  This baby really eats up some miles!

Tomorrow’s gonna be another long day, I have to go back to shop where the missing bracket is being over-nighted and the 2nd bag will be installed.  I’m having breakfast with Sonny, the ex-owner of the bike, while this is being done, then I’m heading NW for Sedona and Flagstaff.  There are some famous roads between the two towns and I’m hoping I’ll have time to ride them tomorrow.  If not I may just stay in Sedona and ride them Sunday morning.

This is only the second time I’ve ever been to the general Phoenix area (the first was in 1977 while crossing the country in VW bus) and it’s confirmed my previous opinion – this area is not my cup of tea.  It’s endless cookie cutter developments interspersed with cookie cutter shopping malls (or unfinished developments interspersed with abandoned malls – lots and lots of abandoned malls), all set in dirt. No thanks,  I can’t wait to get into the mountains tomorrow.

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One Response to What a clustershag! (apologies to Jon Stewart)

  1. Jeanne Visminas says:

    Tom….great to follow your blog! You are closer than I thought to Snowflake! We are anxious to see you and that bike! Take it easy on I-40! It is there that I found myself doing 83 mpr….just to keep up with the trucks! Don’t want to go there again. See you soon!

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