Yikes, the trip is only 2 days away!!  I’ve been so focused on my house purchase and move I kept thinking of the trip as ‘later’ and without realizing it ‘later’ became NOW.

After watching the weather across northern Arizona and New Mexico I decided to bring most of my warm riding gear.  They’ve been having some real wrath of God weather, storms, wind, hail, even snow in some of the higher elevations (where I’ll be in a week).  If I counted right I can get up to 6 layers so that ought to keep me dry and warm!

Everything got shipped yesterday to my uncle’s in Florence, AZ, and I just talked to the shop prepping the bike (Logan’s Valley Motorcycles – a Ural dealer).  Looks like they’ll definitely be done by Friday so I can pick it up and get acclimated to it on the way back to Florence.  Then it’s a matter of figuring out where to put everything.  I can pack a kayak with my eyes closed but something rectangular?  That should be interesting.  The same basic concepts remain – keep the weight low and centered and make sure the stuff you need often or quickly is at the top.

In an effort to keep the weight down, I got my hair buzzed yesterday.  OK, you can laugh now ’cause there ain’t no hair on the top of my head!  I still have my soul patch and sideburns so I don’t entirely look like a cue ball, just mostly.  With all my pasty white skin (sorry for that image) a good hat is a necessity.

More as it happens….

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One Response to Nervous

  1. Randy Lampman says:

    Please tell me that you have spent more than 20 min. on an Adventure bike before taking this on on. If you would hav let me know I could have spent some time with you and shown you mevreything that I have learned between 1965 and now. Should take about 15 min. If you live,let me know when you get home and we can ride. My bike is a KTM 950 adv. Hope you have a good trip. 2500m is a good starter..

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