The great adventure begins

In one week from today I’ll be flying to Phoenix to buy my new bike (2008 DL650 V-Strom), then head out for 3 weeks of touring the SW and riding back north to Bellingham. I’ve never done anything like this but what the hell, why not start now?!

Here’s the bike (and yes, the bullet hole decals will be removed immediately if not sooner):

I’m having some luggage added to the bike and a full service so it will be ready for a 2,500 mile.

I’m leaving a lot of the trip open to follow my wims, but here’s the basic idea:
Phoenix to buy the bike and visit my uncle, Flagstaff/Sedona, AZ, Snowflake to visit my aunt, Albuquerque for a day or two, then the Santa Fe area for about a week. I’ll be taking several loop trips out of there to check out northern NM and will be at the World Cup coffee shop in Taos on Sunday for the weekly bike gathering. After that it’s north to Salt Lake City, where I’ll spend a few days at the World Superbike Race at Miller Motorsports on Memorial Day weekend, then home.

I bought a little netbook computer so I can blog during my trip and will post pictures so keep coming back and see if I can find my back home!!


PS – please don’t tell me I’m having a mid-life crisis, I’m on my 3rd or 4th one of those, and it’s not a second childhood either, cause I never grew up!

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2 Responses to The great adventure begins

  1. Bradley Emrich says:

    This sounds like a great time, I am jealous. I have been riding a lot of dirt bikes since moving to NC and will be getting my motorcycle permit in a couple weeks. I’ve been watching “Long Way Down” for the past couple days and can’t wait to take a cross country trip myself. I hope you have a great time and I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Kelly Emrich says:

    I’m impressed – very organized and you’re doing your research so you don’t end up at the roach coach. Can’t wait to see your pics and remember a rain coat.

    PS. Dad and I did something similar when came out last – land at SeaTac and make our way to the Grand Coulee Damn, end up in Bellingham. Who knew we would find and stop at the Petrified Forest museum? Lol

    We owe a lot to the triple A guides. If your really going to wing it, might want to pick one up as we did just about no planning but found a roof over our heads every night.

    Go Team Tom. Rock the WC!!!

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